The Fascinating Tale Of The Deer Stones Of Mongolia

Among the monuments, the heritage sites, the burial plots and the petroglyphs that Mongolia boasts of, the deer stones, also popular as the reindeer stones are much popular. The deer stones of Mongolia are known to hail back to the prehistoric Iron and Bronze Age and they are named so, primarily for the deer motif engraved on them. Many fascinating tales and theories are attached with these stone structures and they are often spotted with monuments locally termed as Khirgisuur.

The deer stones are fascinating in their craftsmanship. The aesthetic appeal that they exude can never miss the mark. Mostly found in Mongolia and in some Central Asian countries these deer stones exhibit a considerable part of the nomad culture, the tribal funeral practices and burial rituals through artistic narratives. Through the animal art engraved on them, the deer stones also depict the sacrificial rituals of the nomad tribes of Mongolia.
Granite stones with four flat faces are crafted into deer stones. Animal art and images are engraved on the stones and they are often divided into three anthropomorphic sections-the face, torso and the lower body section. The face part is really interesting as they even uphold at times human visages. Images of horses, ibexes and pigs are also commonly noted on these stony slabs along with impressions of ancient symbols of sun and moon.
The artistry embedded in the craftsmanship of the deer stones in Mongolia is indeed commendable. Through intricate art forms and images they uphold the heroic deeds of their warrior leaders often. Thus the deer stones also showcase images of war weapons and arms such as, daggers, shields, bows with cases, grindstone, mirrors and belts with decorative motifs carved on them. These deer stones range from one to four meters in height, 20 to 40 centimeters in thickness and in width thirty to eighty centimeters. The human forms engraved on the deer stones in Mongolia are mainly for commemorative purposes and they are often hailed by the archaeologists as anthropomorphic stelae. Images of men and women both feature in these deer stones of Mongolia and they retell a historical past in their own way. The stony carvings are either three dimensional or flat faced engravings.
A trip to the land of the deer stones and the nomadic tribes on your next vacation will surely be a wonderful break from the sheer monotony of life. The silent and bare landscape on the backdrop of the stony structures smeared with feelings melancholy will initiate in your urban heart a strange longing for that distant historical past. You would lose track of time but not the trails of all the thoughts that the stone structures evoke in your mind.
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FEB 20 / 2018

Text author: HatenaBolg
Photography: Bolatbek.D